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Why offseason football workouts are important?

  • Repetition of an exercise builds muscle memory. By focusing in on individual skills during an offseason workout, a player gets plenty of opportunities to fine-tune those skills and really improve upon them.
  • Breakingdown the bigger game into each of the individual components makes it easier. By going through a body workout like this, players will be able to perform on field when tryouts begin. A one day workout before tryouts begin won’t get you there. A full program is needed.
  • It’s essential that players are fit for the season.

These training workouts are just what is needed.

Football Conditioning Workouts – Design Considerations

The thinking behind the football training program and each individual plan includes:

  • A focus on fundamentals. We placed an emphasis on building blocks of what makes up a good football player because that easily transfers from one team to the next.
  • Strong emphasis on strength and conditioning.
  • Shift activities quickly. By moving from one activity to the next quickly, it keeps players interested and enables players to work on many different skill sets.
  • Increase the level of difficulty over time. Some of the fitness drills will get progressively more difficult. Initially, we want players to grow accustom to using different muscles and then as the plan progresses, we’ll ask for more repetitions or longer time periods.
  • A fitness focus. Players play their best when they’re in shape. It’s hard to execute at the highest level if you’re tired, lack strength or are just out of shape.
  • Designed for individual use or with a workout partner (a friend or parent is perfect). One player on his or her own can complete most of the activities for these offseason workouts.
  • Designed for healthy kids. If you have any concerns about having your child participate in this type of program from a health perspective, consult with your physician. Kids should have a water bottle and drink water as needed.
  • Use own body weight for strength building. Older players may choose to also do weight training, but this program calls just for using a player’s own body weight.

Build confidence as a football player.

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